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Share your story with Let Gays Give and be featured on our webpage!

Is this the first time you are learning about the ban?

Many never know about the ban until they or a friend want to give blood and are stopped from donating after the questionnaire. Some only realize when a friend tells them or they stumble on this website. Whatever the reason, most people are shocked. Share your first reaction by writing it down on a sheet of paper and taking a picture. Send it to us and we will post it on our First Reactions page!

Are you gay or bi? Have you attempted to give blood but was denied because of your sexual orientation?

Share your story with Let Gays Give! Take a picture holding a sign with your emotions or your story and we’ll place it on our site and facebook page. Tell your story through video and we’ll add it to our youtube channel and feature it on our website.

Send all files to letgaysgive@gmail.com

End Discrimination